A first single for Stradth

Photo: Sylvain Lussier Photographie

On July 15th 2020, Alain Robitaille, guitarist/songwriter for the dark rock band Unveil, launched his first solo recording. Under the project name Stradth, he released a heavy rock cover of the 1998 Madonna hit: Frozen.

In the early days of Unveil, when Alain was handling lead-vocal, Frozen was part of the regular setlist. But sadly no quality recording exists from that period. When the 2020 pandemic forced Unveil into hiatus, Alain decided to go 100% D.I.Y.  by playing, singing, recording and mixing the entire song while quarantined at Upstairz Studio. 

Frozen is available on all major digital platforms.
Crank the volume and enjoy. 



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Recorded during the 2020 quarantine, Frozen is a heavy rock cover of the 1998 hit by the Queen of Pop: Madonna.

All instruments and vocals by Stradth.

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