New live video online

Hello rockers.

To celebrate our upcoming gig this coming Friday at "Le Murdoch" in Sherbrooke, we are releasing a second song from our 2020 concert. Filmed by our friend Nightpunx, the video is available today on our YouTube channel

Got a request ?

Hello rockers

As you know, Jow recorded a few acoustic cover videos for our YouTube channel. Linkin Park, The Pretty Reckless, and Guano Apes are just a few of the artists she covered. You can check them out here

2021 Live Concert Videos

Hello rockers.

Last Saturday, we had a lot of fun playing a show to test out a new outdoor stage with our friend Jude. 

We had a few cameras running, so you should be getting live videos soon.

YouTube Invasion

Hello rockers.

We recently uploaded all songs from "The Deep Sleep" album to YouTube as cover-art tracks. Complete lyrics are also included if you want to follow along. Listen here 🎶

We have other goodies coming along for…

Back to concert life

Hello rockers.

Can't believe it's been 10 months since we last played live. Our last gig goes back to September 2020. If you want to see Jow's stage makeup that evening, we have one song available on YouTube 📹

New music - Phase I

Hello, rockers. 

We are excited to announce that planning for our new full-length album has begun. We still have months of work ahead of us, but we are so happy to bring you new music. 

As on the…

The Story So Far

Hello rockers.

We may have seemed silent for the last few months but we have been actively working on new music. As we speak, 8 songs are completed and 2 more are in the works.

Still no release schedule for…

New acoustic cover video

Hello rockers.  

Jow has just recorded a new acoustic cover video of Zombie by The Pretty Reckless. A perfect match for her dark soulful voice. See it now on YouTube and don't be shy, leave us a comment.  

You enjoyed…

New Merch

Hello Rockers.

As some of you may have already seen, we are slowly building our Merch Store. Phone cases, coffee cups and t-shirts are some of the most recent additions. Check them out and let us know what…

#Female Fronted Daily

Hello rockers.
Always looking for new female-fronted rock/metal music? We know exactly how you feel and that is why we created "Female Fronted Daily". 

Every day, using our Twitter profile, we post a video featuring new music by some of…

Fan bundles

Hello rockers.

In the past months, we have been asked to add bundles to our merch store offering. Today we are finally ready to announce that two of these are now available. 

1. For the fan who wants the complete…

We have stickers

Hello rockin' friends.

Starting today, every order leaving the Merch Store will now include stickers. Built around the new t-shirt design created by Jow, these stickers also feature the handle to the four social media sites we are active on…